Asparagus Pee

by Baby Mollusk

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rachel gordon - vox n guitar n album photo
recorded in my room duh


released November 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Baby Mollusk New York, New York

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Track Name: a smidge
if i was the queen of the multiverse
i'd give my crown away cuz i'd just make it worse
and if i had a lotta money i would split it a million ways
but if i had your hand i would hold it for all the days.
Track Name: time magazine's troglodyte of the year
you don't have to notice
cuz you should just feel it
of whether or not you catch me
trying to look at your eyes through the spaces in between your
piece together what lingers
and you'll create a path leading to where i stand
every fucking time.
Track Name: overall discomfort
no mcdonald's happy meal or reduced late fees
will clear my mind of the image of all those nice boys hangin from trees
and you can cry all your want
or take your fuckin cigarette break
it won't make a difference tomorrow
cuz you'll still have to carry the blame.
don't forget to renew your prescription for your right to a conscience.
they'll tell you its just a phase but you just gotta tell em thats nonsense.
and you can cry all you want
or take your fuckin cigarette break
it won't make a difference tomorrow
cuz you will always carry the blame.
Track Name: always mad
i know that you wanna cry everyday
but you can't have the whole world thinkin that you are gay
so you make me cry instead.
i was the one born with little pink bows
drilled into my head
its not fair but thats irrelevant.
no old man wants to hear me vent.
how are your days spent
if not for my hard earned heartache?
i've got pies to bake and love to pretend to make.
i can't explain who determines this fate,
i just know they have nothing at stake.
Track Name: dissolve
i'm a gross girl
because i let the sludge seep.
would you like to wade in my sludge with me?
my toenails scrape my feet.
i've got no time for your head on my belly
so i let it remain
a daydream
i let it remain a daydream (x4)
i lie in the soil
destroyed by my hand
and the ocean that follows.