by Baby Mollusk

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rachel gordon - vox n uke
recorded in my room


released June 18, 2012



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Baby Mollusk New York, New York

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Track Name: everyone sux
all these
one dimensional boys
in their
one dimensional bands
with their
one dimensional hair cuts that i'll never understand
y'see so, this is why i miss you, cuz the whole world's doin it wrong
so i just wait here i just wait here i just wait here...
theres a great
show tonight
that's what the posters say
they're all over the campus on some nice sheets of bfk
and the colors are enticing, but the faces are not inviting
so i just wait here i just wait here i just wait here.
Track Name: another freaking microcosm
your fingernails have dug lil comet tails into my back
and when i think about em, i get overwhelmed by the hurt.
in the neighboring galaxy i can here em clickin their tounges while i am coughin up my lungs cuz i don't want em anymore
don't you try to tell me everything's gonna be okay
i'm gonna feel awful anyway
everything just bums me out nowadays.
but that was a real nice gesture lettin me wear your sweatshirt
even though it smells like shit, its still yours and thats enough
to keep me warm
Track Name: sixteen
these black walls and blue tiles are the only comfort i can find
this seat has a hole in it but i don't mind
don't offer me yr hand, i know you don't really care
plz just keep braiding each other's hair
yeah just keep hangin out by the mirrors
oh, i'm so jealous, i wish i could bear to look at myself, too
i wish i could bear to look at you
fuck can i please just get a sick pass and go home?
oh, i'm so jealous, i wish i was vacuous and numb
nobody cares if you're dumb
they just care if you always wanna go home.
Track Name: don't worry! (you'll always be the worst)
if yr not gonna talk to me tonight, well thats just fine
but if you won't even look me in the eye, well, thats something else.
but i mean wouldn't you say that after a while, we need to pick something new to dwell on?
y'know i have the same problem, but it affects me differently in ways i'm too ashamed to let you see.
y'know i know lots of girls who like to be chased.
this isn't really my thing cuz i'm always in one place.
but if it ever seems like i'm slowly inching away, feel free to follow me
i could really use the company and maybe you can tell me where we're going.
when i left that party, the air was cold but my face felt hot,
and if nothing's even happened, then why does it feel like i've been doin a lot?
but if you're gonna continue to be a jerk, i'm gonna stop trying to make this work,
or see if i can even go that far but if yr not the only one why does it feel like you are?