Insane Baby

by Baby Mollusk

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rachel gordon - vox, guitar, sweet lil baby concertina & album art
recorded in my room


released August 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Baby Mollusk New York, New York

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Track Name: feelin' like a bean
i can always count on you to let me down
you're always the last one to be found
i will kiss the whole world on the mouth
before i see you againnnnnnnnnnnnn
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o, o0oo0o0o0o!
we sat cross legged and perplexed
warm and toasty, lacking context
i know its not a fucking contest
but i'd like to think that i know you the best
but i will kiss the whole world on the mouth
before i see you again.
Track Name: salty slush
he asked me if i was accident prone
he built me a table, so i would be stable
my little finger is cut to the bone
i have bled out all i've learned
my flesh is on its own
and this is a hazard
that does not apply to you
but the roads are pretty icy
i'd at least change my shoes
and the wind is blistering
my hands are cracking
i hate my skin
the way its wrapped around me, tightly
and it'll never change
i can feel it ten years down the line
i will always have the ache
underneath this thin skin of mine
Track Name: ode to bei bei
they put me in a cage 'cause i am unsafe
my body is a weapon and i
can't control it, i can't control it
so they will do it for me.
my baby is an angel, she's flyin' all around me and i am so happy that she's
gone from this hell, she's gone from this hell that i call myself.
he set his eyes on me and then he
changed his mind, he just changed his mind
wouldn't you wanna die, too?
wouldn't you wanna die, too?
Track Name: travel advisory
i know you're just the messenger
but i will kill you anyway
i have no
sympathy for those who won't take the blame for the hurtful things they say, i will run away
to a place where bagels don't cost ten motherfuckin' 50
how do they get away with that when the most i ever get away with is a glimpse
of your back
and the repeating thought:
"please don't turn around, please don't turn around"
oooo little thing in the ozone, you will be found,
don't make a sound.
your fear is haunting me so
that its become my own
i wish you'd leave me alone.
i prefer the company of strangers on the train ride home, the anxiety
of the tunnels,
the anticipation of the bridge.
no amount of travel will condition this itch
so i collapse and sigh
and i
bury my head in my hands
and cry.